It’s the Beginning of the Second Trimester!


Well students, we’ve begun a new trimester! Everyone should be working diligently.

We’ve just completed 10 exercises in SMASH writing. You need to collect all ten, and some of you may have the two extra credit SMASH pages.  You must turn them in with the cover page.

Just in case some of you have “misplaced” your pages, I have posted them below. You may do the pages again if you want full credit for the assignment.

Good luck with your writing, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the SMASH exercises of the first trimester.

Mrs. Watson

1 Smash   2 Smash   3 Smash   4 SMASH  4_b Smash    5 Smash    6 Smash    7 Smash    8 Smash    9 Smash    10 Smash

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