Welcome back to school everyone! I know we are all looking forward to a new school year.  This will be the beginning of my 20th year at St. Albans, and I’m very excited about meeting all my students on the first day of school. I don’t think Dylan will be excited that school starts again,

New Summer Smash Extra Credit pages.

I have two Summer Smash pages for those of you working on them for extra credit. We still have plenty of summer left, and I hope you will enjoy doing the next two pages. Summer Smash #2 Summer Smash #3

Summer 2017

Hello Students! I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation! We had a great time in Summer Drama and Digital Storytelling in Summer Enrichment last week. We completed wonderful, original plays and stories. I thought in the next few posts that I will share some of the activities we completed. I had promised to share

November 2015

We’ve already begun the second trimester and will soon be looking forward to Thanksgiving vacation. I have updated the SMASH writing pages. Remember that you must turn in a copy of each of the completed Smash page for this year as well as the final page for grading. There is an extra credit page for

Back to School Night

Tomorrow, Thursday, August 27 is Back to School night.  I decided to try a new program I learned at a summer seminar to present my information to the parents.  The program is Thinglink, and I have had an interesting time completing my first official Thinglink.  You can view my creation by clicking on this link:

School 2015 – 2016

School begins August 19, 2015! I’m looking forward to meeting with new students in sixth grade and starting new classes with the seventh and eighth grades. I’ve tried a new program called Piktochart. You can find out more information about this site to create infographics by visiting their web site at http://piktochart.com/. I spent a few

Smash Writing

I’ve collected all of the Smash writing pages completed in our first two collections of writing.  This is a quick, fun method to write with imagination. Even students who don’t enjoy writing seem to be able to complete these homework assignments. Collection I    1 Smash    2 Smash     3 Smash    4 SMASH     4_b Smash      5 Smash      6 Smash

The Beginning of Summer and the 7th Grade Anthology Volume 15

The end of the 2013 – 2014 school year will be here shortly. It’s been a year full of adventures! Congratulations to all of the upper grade students, especially to our graduating Eighth Grade! We wish you much success next year in high school! Don’t forget about Summer Extra Credit! Check back on this site to

It’s the Beginning of the Second Trimester!

Well students, we’ve begun a new trimester! Everyone should be working diligently. We’ve just completed 10 exercises in SMASH writing. You need to collect all ten, and some of you may have the two extra credit SMASH pages.  You must turn them in with the cover page. Just in case some of you have “misplaced”

Summer is Coming! Summer Extra Credit Information

It’s Elementary, my dear Watson! Summer Extra Credit 2013 COMMUNICATION IS SHARING MEANING      The clues are in front of us daily.  Communication is all around us!  Language Arts, English, is communication, and communication is sharing meaning.  How many ways do we communicate?  Your summer project for English is to search out the clues and