New Summer Smash Extra Credit pages.

I have two Summer Smash pages for those of you working on them for extra credit. We still have plenty of summer left, and I hope you will enjoy doing the next two pages. Summer Smash #2 Summer Smash #3

Summer 2017

Hello Students! I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation! We had a great time in Summer Drama and Digital Storytelling in Summer Enrichment last week. We completed wonderful, original plays and stories. I thought in the next few posts that I will share some of the activities we completed. I had promised to share

Smash Writing

I’ve collected all of the Smash writing pages completed in our first two collections of writing.  This is a quick, fun method to write with imagination. Even students who don’t enjoy writing seem to be able to complete these homework assignments. Collection I    1 Smash    2 Smash     3 Smash    4 SMASH     4_b Smash      5 Smash      6 Smash