Black and White Poster Project

We will be completing a poster project in black and white with the theme of “The Haves and The HaveNots of the 1930s”.

I have included the directions for the  project which will be due at the end of the unit on Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.

Black and White Poster Project of the 1930s Worksheet

CONTRASTS OF THE 1930 poster grade

Scavenger Hunt of the 1930

These will be explained in class. This has been put on the site in the event that you lose or misplace your directions.

Documents for Classes

Hello Students,

We’re half way through the school year and we have much to do.

I will be adding several sets of directions for each of the classes. I will put the directions for the Almanac for Johnny Tremain on 8th grade. I may even include the review for the final test.

I will add the directions for the Black and White Poster project in connection with Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry for 7th grade.

For sixth grade, I will include the directions for all the stages of the Hero Journey.

Hopefully, this will help you with your homework. Please go the the specific class page to find the information.