Back to School Night

Tonight is the Back to School Night at St. Albans, and I’m excited to share my new website with the parents. I’ve received some good comments from the students, and I hope that it will be an asset in their writing. Tomorrow is the Sixth grade retreat at Maidu Community Center where we’ll be working

August 12, 2012

I’ve been working on the website adding pages, categories, links, and pictures. Who knew I could be so clever? Some of the new language is very confusing; however, I believe if someone can give me clear instructions, I can do most anything. I’ve added a Word Cloud picture from the website for thought.

My Own Website

I have stepped off into new territory by beginning my own website. I want to be able to display the information I wrote over the summer about how to write essays and bibliographies. I thought it would be easy to just put it on the school’s web site, but in being creative, we ran into