Back to School Night

Tomorrow, Thursday, August 27 is Back to School night.  I decided to try a new program I learned at a summer seminar to present my information to the parents.  The program is Thinglink, and I have had an interesting time completing my first official Thinglink.  You can view my creation by clicking on this link:

Back to School 2015 Thinglink

I think I will add the handouts that will be given to parents in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade English classes. Click on the link to find the information for each grade.  I’ve included the form for the eighth grade dedication ads for our Yearbook 2016.

6BackSchool 15

7BackSchool 15

8BackSchool 15

BabyAd 16

School 2015 – 2016

School begins August 19, 2015!

I’m looking forward to meeting with new students in sixth grade and starting new classes with the seventh and eighth grades.

I’ve tried a new program called Piktochart. You can find out more information about this site to create infographics by visiting their web site at I spent a few hours this afternoon updating the English Class Policy into a Piktochart.  It was about time I made some changes since I have been using the same basic form for several years.  We want to incorporate Digital Storytelling into our programs this year, and so we will be trying out some new programs.

I’ve included my new English Class Policy Piktochart.  What do you think?

English Class Policy 2015-16 Piktochart

English Policy 2015-2016 Copy

Smash Writing

I’ve collected all of the Smash writing pages completed in our first two collections of writing.  This is a quick, fun method to write with imagination. Even students who don’t enjoy writing seem to be able to complete these homework assignments.

Collection I    1 Smash    2 Smash     3 Smash    4 SMASH     4_b Smash      5 Smash      6 Smash

7 Smash       8 Smash      9 Smash     10 Smash

Collection 2     Smash 1_14    Smash 2    Smash 3_14        Smash 4_14     Smash 5_14

Smash 6_14     Smash 7_14    Smash 8_14     Smash 9_14     Smash 10_14

Smash Extra Credit 14     Smash Final 14

Collection 3    SMASH 1- 2015      Smash 2_15      Smash 3_15     Smash 4_15        Smash 5                          

    Smash 6_15      Smash 7_15       Smash 8 – 15 Halloween       Smash 9_15       Smash 10_15

Smash Final 15     Smash Extra Credit 15

Students who want to try these pages are welcome to download them.